Other Miniature Kits

Here you will find a range of doll house miniature kits that don't quite fit into any one section of the web site. There is a wide variety of beautiful and interesting kits here to add something extra special to any dollhouse and miniatures scene. Not all items in this section are discounted, only those designed and produced by us.

Product Image Price Item Name+
Lattice Screen kit ( gold/blue) £2.99


Lattice Screen kit ( gold/blue)

Not strictly a pattern pack, but a complete kit, made by the same designer of the pattern packs that we stock. This time you use the luxury pre cut...
Lavender Ladies Memories Trunk £6.25


Lavender Ladies Memories Trunk

This is a stunning little kit designed by both Emma and Lorraine from our own collective creativity nad imagination. It is elegant and delicate in...
Le Parisian Vainty Case Kit £4.25


Le Parisian Vainty Case Kit

Le Parisian dolls house miniature vanity travel case kit overflowing with lots of lovely items 
Leather Handbag and Matching Gloves Kit £1.95


Leather Handbag and Matching Gloves Kit

Handbag and Gloves set to display in a shop, or place on a dressing table in your dolls house.Brilliant little kit for a quick evening project-...
Luggage Set £3.99

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Luggage Set

Make a three piece "leather" luggage set for your miniature scene, comprising of a large case, small case and vanity case. Available in...
Luxury Fan Kit £5.25


Luxury Fan Kit

Make 6 assorted dressing table fans, printed fan heads, metal handles, ribbon, gems all supplied. This is a very easy kit that you can add to or...
Luxury Hanging Picture Kit (Rust) £3.00


Luxury Hanging Picture Kit (Rust)

Create a luxury hanging picture set with this super kit
Memory Box Kit £4.49


Memory Box Kit

Make a pretty open ladies memory box, trimmed with tiny flat braid, and decorated with a tiny hand made tassel. Fill your memory box with a selection...
Miniature Corset Boxes Sheet (4 to make) £2.50


Miniature Corset Boxes Sheet (4 to make)

Make 4 miniature dolls hosue corset boxes from this cut out sheet
Miniature Miniaturist! £1.75


Miniature Miniaturist!

Make your miniatures miniaturists with a dolls house catalogue, two magazines and even a set of craft packs! Wonderful detail and readable text for...

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