Miniature Bag and Box Set Kits

A selection of dollhouse miniature bag and box kits, from hat box sets to complete shop themes, perfect for your miniature shop scene and other dolls house projects.

Product Image Price- Item Name
Lady Hat Box Trio £2.99


Lady Hat Box Trio

Make a set of three matching Vintage Lady Hat boxes in three different sizes. The boxes can be stacked neatly on top of each other. This kit comes...
Lady Shop Set Combo Kit £10.00


Lady Shop Set Combo Kit

A bumper kit made form four individual kits to make the stock for a boutique shop as shown in the central image *** please note the counter is not...
Luxury Gown Boxes Kit £2.75


Luxury Gown Boxes Kit

Make a set of three matching luxury gown boxes for your  bridal shop or boutique. Each box features a classic stripe design,pretty pink and gold...
Mademoiselle Boutique Kit £3.75

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Mademoiselle Boutique Kit

Make a collection of 9 matching themed items for your ladies room or boutique scene
Maids Uniform Box ( 2) £1.00


Maids Uniform Box ( 2)

Pair of matching uniform boxes for a house maid
Miniature Toiletry Box Kit £2.99


Miniature Toiletry Box Kit

Make a set of eight pretty gift/toiletries boxes for your dolls house or shop scene. The blue, cream and bronze colours create a delicate pattern...
Pair Of Hat Boxes £3.99


Pair Of Hat Boxes

      Make two delightful vintage style ladies hat boxes, both finished off with matching labels. Both of the hat boxes have opening...
Pink Delight Gift Box Kit £2.99


Pink Delight Gift Box Kit

pink delight filled miniature dolls house gift box kit- perfect for a quick project at brilliant vallue for money! Make the luxury bow top gift box,...
Pink Delights Shopping Spree Kit £3.99


Pink Delights Shopping Spree Kit

Make a pretty pink set for your lady of the house or as an addition to your busy boutique setting. Create your own filled boutique bag, medium gift...
Pink Shop Set Kit £4.99


Pink Shop Set Kit

Make a selection of beautifully themed gift bags and boxes for your ladies shop. The “pink” set depicts elegant vintage style ladies,...

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