Crafty Bits for Miniatures

A selection of essentail crafty bits for your dolls house crafts box from miniature frames and glue to the brilliant Flowersoft products, everything you need to let your imagination run wild creating your perfect dollhouse miniature theme!

Product Image Price- Item Name
6 Tiny Heidi Ott Silver Buttons £2.50


6 Tiny Heidi Ott Silver Buttons

Pack of 6 (although 10 are shown you only receive 6) tiny Heidi Ott silver coloured buttons for your doll house miniature projects
A5 Craft Paper Selection ( 5 sheets) £1.50


A5 Craft Paper Selection ( 5 sheets)

A selection of 5 A5 sheets of top quality printed craft paper, each paper features a small printed design. These brilliant papers could be a very...
Button Pack Blue Mix £2.99


Button Pack Blue Mix

Pack of 50 pieces blue button mix, from 3mm -7mm, for your dolls house projects
Coat Hangers - Gold £2.50


Coat Hangers - Gold

Pack of five miniature wire dolls house coat/clothes hangers, perfcet fot your minature clothing projects or to hang your finished clothing kits for...
Coat Hangers - Mixed £1.95


Coat Hangers - Mixed

Pack of 5 wire minature clothes/coat hangers in colours gold, silver, red, green and purple. A nice addition to your teens bedroom or miniature...
Craft 'Sugar' To Dusty Tiny Cakes £2.00


Craft 'Sugar' To Dusty Tiny Cakes

This fine iridescent white dust looks like sugar when dusted onto miniature biscuits and cakes as shown. The other items are for display only to show...
Empty Needle Tip Applicator Bottle £0.80


Empty Needle Tip Applicator Bottle

Empty Needle Tip Applicator Bottle perfect for filling with tacky or fabric glue for miniatures wrk were fine precision is necessary 
Foot Stool Blank £2.50


Foot Stool Blank

Little miniature wooden footstool with three little ball feet on the underside. Simply lift off the foam top, cover with faric and glue back into...
Handy Seam Ripper £0.65


Handy Seam Ripper

handy little craft box essential, can be used for taking miniature dolls hosue items and re model them, use for miniature gowns that you want to re...
handy thread snips £1.50


handy thread snips

handy craft box essential, little thread snips * sharp blades not for sale to under 18s- not suitable for children*

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