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Here is a very clever and basic example of how to add pretty finishing touches to your kits:

A quick demonstration using a metallic pen to finish off a kit. The kit used is the Elegance Lady Kit, using two of the boxes form this kit. Full Kit price £3.99

You will need a gold marker pen Click Here

Elegance Lady Box Kit Click Here

Firstly cut out the items that you are making, in this case, two boxes from the Elegance Lady Boxes Kit.


Leave the two pictures pieces to one side for now. Carefully score and fold into place, applying a little glue to the tabs. Gently hold the boxes in place for a few seconds until the glue has begun to bond.

Now that you have the top and bottom of the boxes complete, you can begin to edge the lady images with the gold pen. Place the edge of the card in the middle of the pen nib, begin to drw a thin line all the way around the lady image. You need to try and have an even  line and steady hand, more the pen at a careful but not slow rate or the ink will bleed into the card.

You can always try this on a scrap of card or paper before you do the pack pieces. Once both pieces are complete put them to one side to dry for a moment.

Glue the lady inage onto the box lid, then go around the edges of the box and lid with the gold marker as before. Once dried you can fnish off the box with the silk ribbon in the pack.

Here is how to make up one of our new kits for 2011 The Miniature Letters and Photo Keepsake Box. To purchase this items click HERE 

You will need:
Scissors, Tacky Glue and Gold Marker Pen (optional)
Begin by cutting out all parts and scoring the lines were box parts will be folded. 
Now glue the two sides of all parts together. The brown strips are the inner side walls and the stripes the outer. This makes the box more rigid. Do the same with the base and the lid.
Now score the lines on the side panels and glue the tabs to form a square shape.  
 Take the base and draw a thin line of glue around the line on the base and then stick the bottom box walls to the base. Do the same with the lid. You can add extra glue on the inside of the base to strengthen as this will not be seen once you add the letters. In the final photo I have drawn around the overlapping base with a gold marker pen. This not only looks effective it will also disguise any excess glue stains that may show on the outside edges of the box base. 
Now you can arrange and stick your letters, photo’s and papers into the box and around the outside. 
Vintage Letters & Photo’s Keepsake Box Kit
By The Craft Pack Company ©2011

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