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What is a craft pack?

A craft pack is carefully designed kit, with beautiful materials and easy to follow instructions. With each kit, you will learn how to make adorable handmade accessories for your dolls house or miniature scene.

What do I need to make a craft pack?

All of the materials you need are included in the pack, as well as easy to follow instructions. All that you need are everyday household items, glue, scissors or needle and thread for sewing projects.

Are craft packs easy to make?

Craft Packs are very easy to make, you will be amazed at the brilliant results you can achieve, and the money you can save by making your own miniatures.

What if I can't make the pack or make a mistake?

We are always happy to offer additional e mail support with any instruction queries. If you make a mistake, you can receive a replacement item by sending an SAE with your item request to The Craft Pack Company.

What if I think an item is missing from my craft pack?

Occasionally an item may be missing or have been damaged in your pack. Fill in the form on our website and we will send your item free of charge.

Where can I buy craft packs?

You can buy craft packs directly here at our website, or you can ask your local dolls house retailer to contact us for retailer's information.

I enjoy making craft packs and now want to try designing my own miniatures, where can I find some of the materials in the packs?

We have a Craft Supplies section on our new site where you can order from a growing selection of quality materials.


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